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Default Re: Entries - Voluptuous Valentines contest

SECRET ADMIRER OPEN ON A cell phone screen displaying "CALLING AUNT ALICE" BROOK (30s) with a body still good enough to get some second looks depending on the lighting, holds the phone to her ear as she stands in the INT. MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT AUTOMATED VOICE (through phone) The person you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message. BROOK Hey, it's about nine. I still need to talk to Tim about a few things, but then I'll be ready. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. I can't wait to see you. Love you. Brook hangs up and goes back to neatly overstuffing clothes into a large suitcase sitting on the bed. She nervously spins her wedding ring around her finger as she scans the simply decorated room for anything forgotten. Her gaze stops on the framed photo sitting on the nightstand of her husband TIM and their six year old daughter, HEATHER. INT. CAR - NIGHT Tim (30s) with a face as plain as his business casual clothes, motors down a winding suburban road in his non-distinct sedan. INT. BEDROOM Brook zips up the suitcase, checks her cell phone again before pocketing it, and then lugs the suitcase into the HALLWAY HEATHER (O.S.) Mommy? Brook positions the suitcase away from her daughter's door before going into HEATHER'S BEDROOM BROOK Yes, honey? Heather, a cutie in pajamas, is under the covers. HEATHER When's Daddy coming home? BROOK He should be here soon. Brook sits down on Heather's bed and strokes her hair. BROOK (CONT'D) Honey, I need to tell you something important. I want you to always remember that no matter what, I'll always come back for you, okay? HEATHER And Daddy, too. BROOK And Daddy, too. We'll always be there for you no matter what. HEATHER Okay. I'll be there for you, too. EXT. CAR - NIGHT Red and blue emergency vehicle lights color a crash site. A flashlight waving policeman in the road motions Tim around the recent accident. He drives slowly by and peers at a smashed up Range Rover that got the worst part of a collision with a tanker truck. INT. HEATHER'S BEDROOM HEATHER Mommy? BROOK Yes, sweetie. HEATHER Are you going on a trip to see Aunt Alice again? BROOK Yeah, but just for a couple of days. HEATHER Is Daddy going? BROOK No, not this time. HEATHER Will you bring me back a present? BROOK Don't I always bring you a present? Brook tickles a giggling Heather as headlights FLASH through the window and move across the bedroom. EXT. HOUSE IN SUBURBIA - NIGHT A tired Tim steps out carrying a small gift, beeps the locks, and moves with routine toward the middle class house. INT. FOYER Brook just misses Tim as he goes into the LIVING ROOM TIM Sorry I'm late. Matt dropped the MacGuffin file on my desk right when I was getting ready to leave and then there was this huge accident. BROOK You could have called. TIM My phone died and I forgot my charger. I was just sitting in traffic forever. What could I do? BROOK I called you at three. I left a message. You didn't call back. TIM I was in a meeting. I'm sorry. I should have called before I left. A doubting Brook studies Tim for a crack in his story. TIM (CONT'D) Got you something. He holds out the small package. BROOK What's that? TIM I know Valentine's Day is a couple days away, but I thought we've been going through some stuff, so I wanted to give it to you now. BROOK We said we weren't... She takes the gift and awkwardly rolls it around in her hands. BROOK (CONT'D) I don't have anything for you. TIM I don't want anything. BROOK Well, thank you. She places the gift on a nearby table. TIM It's okay to open it now. Tim picks up the box and tries to hand it back to Brook, but she won't take it. BROOK I'll get to it later. TIM Look. I'm trying here. I know things aren't great. But I'm trying. You could at least try, too. BROOK You think you can come home whenever you want after running around doing God knows what and then fix everything with a ****ing piece of jewelry? She fires the box just past Tim's head. It hits the wall with a THUD. BROOK (CONT'D) This is you trying?!? TIM Real mature. Throwing sh-- Heather, watery-eyed, appears from the connecting hallway. TIM (CONT'D) Great parenting, Brook. BROOK (to Heather) It's okay, sweetie. We're just talking. Go back to your bed, okay. Tim takes a seat on the couch and flips on the TV. TIM Everything's okay. Go back to bed. Heather, still upset, does as she's told. BROOK (fighting back tears) I'll be in there in a minute to tell you good night, okay? HEATHER (O.S.) Okay, mommy. Brook steels herself and moves to a loveseat near the couch. Tim blankly stares at the game on TV. BROOK I shouldn't have thrown your gift. TIM I'm not lying. I don't know what I have to do to make you believe me. BROOK It doesn't matter. TIM What do you mean? It doesn't matter if you don't believe anything I say? Jesus, that matters to me. BROOK I'm just not sure I can do this anymore. Tim pauses the TV and lets out an exhausted sigh. TIM We're doing this again? They are interrupted by WHAM'S WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO on Brook's cell phone. The display shows INCOMING CALL FROM AUNT ALICE. BROOK (into phone) Hello? No, this is Brook. Brook puts her hand over the phone. Tim unpauses the game and barely notices her slink away to the back of the room. BROOK (CONT'D) (into phone) Who is this? EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHT A mangled Range Rover sits atop a flatbed tow truck. DEB, a manly looking tow truck driver, is on the other end of the line. INTERCUT BROOK AND DEB TELEPHONE CONVERSATION DEB This is Deb from City Towing. I wanted to see if this cell phone belonged to this job. BROOK Job? DEB There was a pretty bad accident. I found this cell phone in the street. I saw you were the last one to call this number. BROOK Is everything all right? DEB They took both drivers to the hospital. I'm sorry, I don't know nothing, but it looked pretty serious. Not sure which hospital though. Saint something. Probably Mary's. Brook looks nervously back to Tim, but he's zoned out. BROOK Oh, my God. DEB I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this. So, does this phone belong in the Range Rover? BROOK Yes. DEB I'll put it under the driver's seat. Sorry to be the one to tell you this stuff, ma'am. INT. LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS BROOK I understand. It's okay. Thank you. It'll all be okay. Thank you. Brook clicks the phone off and stares dumbfounded into space. TIM Who called? Tim turns to see Brook wiping away a tear. BROOK It was Alice. TIM What did she want? BROOK She was calling to see how I was. TIM And that made you cry? BROOK No, she said Jackson died. TIM Jackson? Her son? BROOK Jackson's her dog. TIM Oh. You're crying over her dog? BROOK Shut up. You just don't understand. TIM At least I won't have to miss work for a dog. You might have to see if you can get a day off from the housework though. BROOK You're an ***hole. Tim rolls his eyes before going back to the game. INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT Brook picks up the suitcase with some effort and starts hauling it back to her bedroom. HEATHER (O.S.) Mommy? INT. HEATHER'S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS Heather lays in bed in her dimly lit room. HEATHER Are you leaving now? BROOK No. No, I don't think so. HEATHER You said you were going on a trip. BROOK I know. Mommy was just pretending. You know, like you do sometimes. HEATHER Mommy? Will you still get me a present? BROOK Of course, sweetie. HEATHER Mommy? Why were you pretending by yourself? BROOK Mommy was just being silly. Now get some sleep. Love you. HEATHER Love you, Mommy. A gently smiling Heather closes her eyes as Brook lugs the suitcase back to her bedroom. FADE TO BLACK
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