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Default Re: I just got a rejection...

Well, I just got a different type of record...

6 years ago a producer requested a script off of a query I had sent him. at the time, he liked the script but he felt that the budget would be too high to produce the script, so he passed. I said thanks and moved on.

Time passes... 6 years to be exact... and I receive an email from him yesterday asking if the script is still available (it is) and if so, could I send him the synopsis.

We'll see what comes out of this, but it just struck me that 6 years has flown by really quickly.

Side note: Interesting that I keep our correspondence from 6 years ago and he didn't. He should have already had the opposes and script I sent him 6 years ago. Maybe just purged my submission have he passed on my script.
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