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Default A Question About Following Up

Back in mid-December, a friend of mine was talking to the Head of Production at a large company and mentioned that I have a couple of projects in different stages of development. Since my friend's name carries a lot of weight for reasons that I won't go into, the Head of Production said he'd be happy to talk to me. I called a couple of days later and when I mentioned my friend's name to the Head of Production's assistant, the call was transferred almost immediately. I ended up having a 15-minute conversation with the Head of Production wherein he passed on both projects since they're smaller, indie movies and they do big budget material. He did, however, ask to see both scripts since he said they hire outside screenwriters and would love to consider me for that.

I sent both scripts to the assistant and didn't even receive an acknowledgement of submission. It's only been a little over a month, which isn't a lot of time for people at a busy production company to read two scripts, so I'm thinking that maybe it's better to wait until February to follow up.

Does anybody have any thoughts about that? Also, would you call or email? I'm guessing that the latter is more appropriate, but I'm not entirely sure since my initial approach was via phone. Thanks!
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