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Default Re: Non conventional scripts

Originally Posted by TigerFang View Post
All of the above-cited examples are gimmicks and tricks, trompe l'oeils, and sleight of hand, IMHO. With or without those oddities, at the end of the proverbial day, only the word choices on the page are the camera and sound of the intended movie.
TigerFang - I'd argue that your comment is not entirely applicable to the Nightcrawler script, because it's not really a gimmick or trick to typeset some words (commercial logotypes and TV captions that would be on the page anyway) in the same kind of fonts that the camera will see them.

And surely it's quicker and clearer than having words describe the third-rate commercial branding of the tawdry world in which the story is set.

Also, an occasional break in the visual monotony of 12-point Courier is rather welcome, and it gives the script a visual strength that helps to build a movie in one's mind.

I've been a graphic and brand designer by trade, so I fully appreciate how Gilroy's spot-on choices of typefaces evoke an environment of crude 'n' crass commerce -- but I reckon that even for non-design-savvy readers they lend a sense of lowbrow ugliness.
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