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Default Re: Non conventional scripts

I publish my scripts as Kindles on Amazon. There, I add the occasional graphic and get to do all the nice things with typography and formatting that anyone buying the story in a retail environment would expect.

But what reps and producers want to see in a submission is something else. They want to measure page-per-minute, etc. Anything else is gimmicky, and quite likely to annoy more than inform them.

That being said, I have done ONE single solitary gimmick in my bevy of screenplays: It was where a tiny alien race was speaking to Mankind (sorry, apparently it's "Humankind" or Personkind, now ) for the first time, in my family animated story "Ampersands".

Of course, initially the alien's voices were out of our hearing range till they "turned up the volume" using one of their high-tech pieces of equipment (a watch-like device they wear).

Anyway, in the script, I actually set the courier font to 2 pt for the first try, then 4 pt, then the full 12 pt point. "There, is that better?"

It didn't change the page length, because a line of dialogue (no matter the font) takes up a line. But, it was a totally "cute" gimmick. Never heard what anybody's thought about it.
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