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Default Re: Maybe I'm Just Not Talented Enough...

I think most creatives face some sort of self doubt at some point in their life. I know I do. Ok, maybe, not Dan Fogelman....he was hot stuff from the second he picked up the pen, but I'm speaking for the rest of us mortal people. I kind of beat myself all the time. I will reach a rung that I had put down as a goal that 6 months ago I said I would be happy with, but then when I get there, I obsess about not reaching that higher rung that was within reach. That 10 feet seems like a mile because I see those people that reached that rung getting the dreams that I wanted for myself.

Creatives are a special breed because they have to put themselves out there ("this is me") and face endless doors being slammed in their face or being told they're not good enough. But, they are also the people who can turn nothing into something. I think it's too late now. If you're a frequent member on this board, you've already gone too far....there's really no turning back.
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