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Default Re: The New Black List

From an email that went out announcing the new service:

"If you're a writer, you'll be able to pay a small monthly fee (probably $30/month) to make your script available to our industry membership. You'll also be able to pay (probably $30 each) for brief evaluations from our team of professional (though anonymous) script readers, so that we can direct your script into the right hands."

So, as I understand it, the InkTip model, which doesn't really (to my mind) do anything for the industry members who sign up for the service other than make it easier for them to be inundated with thousands of amateur scripts by writers who ponied up their $30 to be added to the database.

If there are truly worthy scripts, my impression is that they don't stay undiscovered within the industry for long, and I don't know that you would need this service to bring them to your attention.
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