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Default Re: Format at FADE IN

Well, following your own three suggestions, you're going to get 30 more, don't you know.

A scene heading is to establish the location and time. So personally I always follow that with at least a one-line description paragraph before I do the CLOSE-ON (I use CLOSE-UP for animate things, INSERT for inanimate, but that's another story). Then I come back to the main scene with ANGLE ON, as opposed to PULL BACK, or PAN or any other camera directions.

Incidentally, don't you use "b.g." for background? Whatever.

I won't get into your use of a specific music selection, especially on page one like this. It's possible that you might get away with it on page 30 after you'd established what a great script and story was under way; but right up front? Whatever.

I can't see anybody tossing a script for any of your versions, because with barely any intellectual work one can understand what you're getting at.

So you see? There's one down. Twenty-nine more to come.
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