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Originally Posted by Anointed View Post
I met a showrunner who is letting submit a spec/pilot. I wrote a pilot 10 years ago for someone else. I never got paid for writing it. The pilot is right up the alley of the show and it reads very well. Can I submit this script? It's been a while since I've pursued TV. Can't remember if there's a rule against this.
well, if you wrote it for someone else, don't they hold the copyright? were you employed by them. is that the understanding? were you expecting to get paid and they didn't pay you or you were developing with the idea of a later pay date?

did you register the script or did they? i think it's about who believes they hold the copyright. then if you do, you'd be safe to move forward. but the last thing you want to have happen is if you don't verify who owns the copyright, it could come back and an uncomfortable situation.

oh geez, ignore me. didn't register that it's a "sample" of your writing.
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