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Default Your Modus Operandi

Hey cigars and cigarettes,

I was thinking about my workflow, and my productivity in general.

This came about because a younger friend of mine wants to start writing "seriously" and asked me what my routine was.

My first answer was "why would you want to get into writing". But when I realized he was serious, so I thought about it.

I spend a long time thinking about ideas. I send e-mails to friends with log lines, mention an idea in passing, send them an article.

Once I have filtered these to 2-3 ideas, I set out to write pretty lengthy treatments for at least two of them. I say I set out because, inevitably, one takes control (usually the first) and that's the one I end up writing.

The screenplay itself comes pretty quickly. Maybe 5-6 weeks.

And then there's re-writing.

However, when I am not writing I have long bouts of nothingness. Days where I basically just... don't write. I'll read, walk around, see movies, go to shows, talk to friends. Basically live the bohemian lifestyle ;-) but in terms of producing pages? Nada.

I guess my M.O. is "on or off". I absolutely cannot relate to people who wake up and write 5-6 pages no matter what. Pages that (I presume) often just exist by themselves, and are not part of a bigger project.

I'm trying to better myself. And be more productive. But in a way my commitment to a project is like dating- you don't want to overdo it at the beginning while you're still figuring out if you like the person. Then you see more of him/her. And once you've realized that there's chemistry and that you like each other, you spend a ton of time together.

Just my thoughts

Would love to hear from you about this.
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