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Default Re: Reese Witherspoon, Pacific Standard email?

Originally Posted by MargoChanning View Post
Yes. IMHO, Reese Witherspoon is all talk. As so many of the female players are who profess to supporting projects "by and for, women."
Just because she/they won't accept submissions from random people they don't know doesn't make her or them 'all talk'. Her company currently has numerous projects in development at various stages, from option to script development to pre-production - and most are written by women.

I hate the flaws of the gatekeeper-dom as well and believe it hinders the discovery of new talent, but someone of her status probably has a crap ton of stuff sent to her all the time from all directions, so it's going to be a tougher nut to crack.

Also, we really don't know if they read fouroneone's logline and had no interest based on the concept itself, but just claimed the "no unsolicited" refusal line. You'd be surprised how often someone breaks their "no unsolicited" rules if they really like an idea.
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