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Default Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk

hello my friends.

i sent Tracker to a producer and he liked it. he's gotten back to me saying:

"We should speak when you have a chance to talk about your plans for the script. "

i don't have a rep. or an agent.

what should i be prepared for? anxiety is kicking in, you know. don't want to blow an opportunity because i'm inexperienced, you know?

i'm researching him and the people he teams with and i think he could probably get something going. i know the script will have to change, not worried about that. i am a little worried about not having it as a sample. he's definitely working with people who are getting projects going.

if someone options your spec-- they usually don't want you to send it to anyone as a sample, right?

and i do know that even if you go into talks regarding an option, those are as difficult as getting a response to a query.

i don't know what i don't know, you know? can anyone offer me some advice? on line or off?
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