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Default Re: Using BOLD in spec scripts

Originally Posted by figment View Post
In trying to figure out how to label a couple scenes as memories and not necessarily "FLASHBACKS"...
Can we agree that the formatting norm is (FLASHBACK) [at the end of the slug line, for a single past scene] or BEGIN FLASHBACK/END FLASHBACK [before and after the depiction of multiple scenes]

What's the difference you're trying to make in the reader's mind, between a MEMORY and a FLASHBACK?

When I read things like this, I like to wonder what's going on, so I'm guessing that a MEMORY would be the private visual depiction of a character's past event, whereas a FLASHBACK is a visual depiction that the writer wants the reader to know about, that other characters in the present scene may or should know about.

I've had a few less-than-interesting-but necessary talking-heads scenes that I've spiced up with such a mechanism.

But in either case, I'd just use FLASHBACK.

Frankly, I think MEMORY belongs in a novel, but if you insist that it's useful somehow in a screenplay, I doubt a reader is going to have a brain infarc if they see something like:


bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh

Except of course the reader will probably wonder why not a (FLASHBACK), resulting in a split-second hesitation or confusion that takes them out of the reading experience.
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