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Default Re: Using BOLD in spec scripts

(sorry I went OT)

"...How does the Blade Runner script handle Deckard's unicorn reverie?"

No clue. Guessing Flashback?

Originally Posted by catcon View Post
Can we agree that the formatting norm is (FLASHBACK) [at the end of the slug line, for a single past scene] or BEGIN FLASHBACK/END FLASHBACK [before and after the depiction of multiple scenes]

What's the difference you're trying to make in the reader's mind, between a MEMORY and a FLASHBACK?

When I read things like this, I like to wonder what's going on, so I'm guessing that a MEMORY would be the private visual depiction of a character's past event, whereas a FLASHBACK is a visual depiction that the writer wants the reader to know about, that other characters in the present scene may or should know about.

But in either case, I'd just use FLASHBACK.
Yeah, I understand what the norm is. I'm just seeing what Sorkin did as I think it's interesting.

I've read a script -- no idea which, now -- that used IN HIS MIND-- as in a fantasy in this character's mind, which isn't the same as FLASHBACK, because the fantasy in question didn't happen. That was an effective way to phrase it, I thought.

In my case I just wanted it to be fragments of this character's memories concerning another character, not outright scenes with a beginning/middle/and end. Just trying to see if there's a model for that. Anyway...
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