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Default Re: iPhone in the Mideast

Originally Posted by NikeeGoddess View Post
sweet! and freakishly so timely b/c i was just considering putting a drug handler on a bicycle, but this is so much better.

this is all good stuff guys.

and this just in -- some dood from washington state (what is it with that state?!) went on a shooting rampage over there killing a bunch of civilians.

One bad apple...

Yeah, thanks to that guy we will have an uptick in US-KIA in the following weeks, 2-3 weeks of protests and I anticipate no less than 2 IDF (indirect fire) attacks tonight. Also, we are going to have to rebuild trust in that area that has probably taken years to cultivate. Afghans aren't very tolerant of the killing of children (neither or we) and this will be spun into propaganda used by Karzai and the Taliban resulting in a pretty violent next few weeks.
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