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Default Can you break in with just one script?

I have a script that I think has a lot of potential. I've gotten it critiqued from numerous sources and it has received praise from script readers, writing friends, etc., so I'm finally ready to start sending it out to the world.

My problem is that aside from this script, I don't have any other solo projects that I am confident in. My only other potentially-successful script was a pilot that I wrote with a partner, so I can't exactly show that.

Should I wait until I have another decent script so that agents/managers don't write me off as a one hit wonder? That is, of course, assuming the slim chance that they think my script is anything close to wonderful!

I'm thinking about entering it into the Nicholl while working on another project. At the same time, if it's possible to break in with just one script then I think I'll go full steam ahead and start querying or post it on the blacklist site and hopefully generate some attention.

Would love some opinions. Thanks!
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