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Default Re: Imagine Impact Using AI to Select Candidates...

Originally Posted by Friday View Post
How would AI be able to evaluate? Screenwriting is such a subjective process. How are they going to pick out the next Vince Gilligans from the stack? Anyways, most of the winners were already repped, so who knows how much AI is used.
their goal isn't to evaluate the quality of the writing, but use a set of "keys" that help them identify diverse writers who have faced and overcome personal and/or professional challenges.

with a few answers to questions you can determine quality for the most part: are you repped? have you been repped? have you won any contests? or awards? do they write in another field? all of these answers help them narrow the field.

they're not looking for the next VG necessarily or even the best writers, they're looking for diverse voices with the best stories. the accelerator program will help them craft their project to the professional level. most are already at the pro level in their professions/writing field.

if you look at the submissions alone, there is NO WAY they have the man power to have "eyes on." they have to narrow the selections down. there's no way around it.

with 11,000 entrants that means they'd have to read 392 scripts and applications EVERY DAY for 28 days, they don't have 300 people reading for them. and no one can read that much material for a straight 28 days. it's logistically impossible to do without using AI.

i'd bet 98% of the entrants are not read by a human being. it's not like they have 6 months to read like a contest does. it's an accelerated program. you have a couple weeks to complete your application and i think it was 4 weeks for them to select their 17 - 20 candidates. so they narrow the selection down considerably FIRST to a manageable number of entrants and THOSE are the ones that get read. i can't see any other way around it.

kudos to those that get selected. it's a lot of work for what basically amounts to less than 1% (0.18%) to get selected.
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