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Default Re: So, I got my first meeting with a producer tomorrow afternoon...

Originally Posted by true_illusion View Post
Alright, all in all things seemed to go well.

We sat down he had me pitch him the story, asked a few more in-depth questions in regards to the story, asked a few more in-depth questions on the hero of the script and if I had anyone in mind to play the lead.

After that he gave me a little bit of info on the company and its goals year per year, how many films they were looking to produce each year, budget range, etc....

When I left he was still willing to read it (at least that's what he told me), so I am assuming I didn't make a total ass of myself. Said to give them a week to review the script.

And that was that, all in all, I was there about 20 minutes.
Thanks for letting us know how it went. So many of these threads go on for pages and then after "the event" the O.P. never posts again.

Last night in San Pedro
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