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Default Re: Cold Calling Production Companies--In Person

Originally Posted by dirtbottle View Post
Well getting a cellphone number never hurts that's for sure albeit that can be very tough to come up with.
Trying to get an exec's cell phone number is crazy behavior and is borderline stalking. There are so many legitimate channels to have your script read, do not bother people on their cell phones. What's next? Show up at their house?

Originally Posted by dirtbottle View Post
Now again, a lot of people on here are going to say this doesn't work but they're wrong. It does work.
IMO, querying hollywood production companies is a waste of time. There are so few examples of that ever leading to a legitimate sale out of the hundreds of thousands written annually to production companies. Compare that number with how many more sales have resulted from a writer sending a query to a manager who took their script out and sold it. I guarantee the numbers aren't even close. And the truth a lot of people probably don't want to admit is, if you can't get an agent or manager - your work probably isn't ready to be read by production companies anyway.
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