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Default Re: Cold Calling Production Companies--In Person

Originally Posted by mrjonesprods View Post
Okay, and not to be jerk either... You've OPTIONED 2 things from cold calls. I said SALES. But even so, were the companies you've OPTIONED your scripts to hollywood based producers? If so, who? Did they have a deal with a studio? How was the money? Probably not a significant amount or enough to get you into the WGA since you couldn't get an agent or manager to help with you the deal. (If I recall, you only recently got a manager.)

It's my opinion, most people here are trying to sell their stuff to studios that nets them a 6 figure pay day, WGA health and pension, etc. - not independent producers. And moreover, when I said "hollywood production companies" in my previous post - the companies I'm referring to are the ones who deal with studios.


First option was 11k vs. 250k. Second was small and as you say because it was indy. I have however, from complete cold queries been read by State Street Productions (on the lot at fox at the time), Linda Obst Productions (Invention of Lying), Happy Madison (on the lot at Sony), and many others with first look deals ALL from cold queries and any one of them could have resulted in a sale but didn't because of my WRITING not because of my approach to getting reads. There's a HUGE difference there. But getting read is half the battle obviously.

Why is a cell phone call any different than calling an office phone? That's nonsense. The L.A. times calls people cell phones for their subscription drive. Is that stalking? Come on...

Seriously however, not to argue about this because whatever works for you works for you, but the preponderance of my experience runs directly contrary to what you're saying not to mention every single book I've ever read about how to get your material out there.

With your approach out of curiousity, because you come off as a knowledgeable guy in most of your postings, maybe you chould share how you got your first sale?
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