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Default Re: Cold Calling Production Companies--In Person

Originally Posted by dirtbottle View Post
I have however, from complete cold queries been read by State Street Productions (on the lot at fox at the time), Linda Obst Productions (Invention of Lying), Happy Madison (on the lot at Sony), and many others with first look deals ALL from cold queries and any one of them could have resulted in a sale but didn't because of my WRITING not because of my approach to getting reads. There's a HUGE difference there. But getting read is half the battle obviously.
I hear this a lot and it seems for all the reads people get at production companies, nothing ever happens. If you think selling a spec with a solid team behind you is hard, it's exponentially more difficult to do it alone.

Originally Posted by dirtbottle View Post
Why is a cell phone call any different than calling an office phone? That's nonsense. The L.A. times calls people cell phones for their subscription drive. Is that stalking? Come on...
IMO, it's intrusive and comes off as desperate.

Originally Posted by dirtbottle View Post
Seriously however, not to argue about this because whatever works for you works for you, but the preponderance of my experience runs directly contrary to what you're saying not to mention every single book I've ever read about how to get your material out there.
What about this statement runs contrary to all these books...

"There are so few examples (sending a query letter to a production company) of that ever leading to a legitimate sale out of the hundreds of thousands written annually to production companies. Compare that number with how many more sales have resulted from a writer sending a query to a manager who took their script out and sold it. I guarantee the numbers aren't even close."

Are you or your books saying that cold queries to hollywood production companies have resulted in more sales than those from agents and managers?

Again, my point is that people should spend time querying managers instead of producers. If you can't get a manager or agent to respond to your material, chances are it's not ready.

Originally Posted by dirtbottle View Post
With your approach out of curiousity, because you come off as a knowledgeable guy in most of your postings, maybe you chould share how you got your first sale?
Sorry to those who have heard this story before. Here's the short version.

A few years ago, I landed a manager through a query letter. That script went wide - it didn't sell, but it led to a bunch of meetings. In one meeting at a Fox based company, an exec asked what I was working on next. I told him about this idea I had and he loved it. The exec asked if he could develop my idea with me. We did. When it was finished they took the script out, but it didn't sell.

A week later, the company came back to me with a seed of an idea they wanted written. I went in and pitched my take. They bought my pitch out of their discretionary fund. That's how I got in the WGA. The following year, I sold a naked spec.
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