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Default Re: How do police handle 911 nuisance calls?

Originally Posted by mswriterj View Post
I used to have an old lady who would call in the middle of the night (on 9-1-1) and ask me the time. I would tell her the time and tell her to have sweet dreams.

Like everyone said, it really depends on the caller. Anyone CAN be charged with a misdemeanor (which varies - depending on what state you are in). Still, only the bad ones are actually charged. If it's a kid, and I could get the parent on the phone, I would handle it that way. If nobody answered the phone, they found an officer at their door.
I love that you can ask a question here and get this level of an answer...

My only issue with the original poster's question- wouldn't it be out of line for the operator to tell the caller 'you're on a list?' I completely get the why and how of a police visit but somehow the operator making that call himself/herself seems like an overstep...
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