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Default Re: How do police handle 911 nuisance calls?

I was involved a while ago with developing a new cell phone. Part of the testing involved ringing 000/911 etc - the protocol the phone system uses is slightly different to a normal call ... it has to work with no phone credit, no SIM, wrong network etc.

After calling emergency (and explaining that it was just to test the phone) we had to convince them to hang up on us - to confirm that it didn't hold the line up and prevent us from making another call.

Have you ever tried to get an emergency operator to hang up on you?

It was almost impossible! "I'm sorry - I'm not allowed to do that"

It took a long time of explaining and cajoling to get them to hang up.

I've forgotten what the point of this anecdote was ... encroaching old age does that to you.

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