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Default Re: How do police handle 911 nuisance calls?

Originally Posted by Scriptonian View Post
I'd like to see a police visit whenever 9-1-1 is called and then the caller hangs up. In many jurisdictions the dispatcher calls back to see if everything's okay, which can create a greater problem if the caller were a frightened child witnessing or in the middle of some family violence, or an abducted child who is placing the call while the abductor is in the bathroom or asleep. That 9-1-1 call-back could get the child killed, while a visit from the police to the recorded address could save a life.
Not to be depressing or anything but we just had a situation kinda like what you described here in my town a week or two ago (I know there was a 911 call, I don't know if there was a hang-up) where police went out and it turned out to be a domestic. The suspect told the police that he would kill his family if they didn't leave and then within minutes of making the threat killed his 2 yr old son and shot his wife/girlfriend 5 times and then shot himself in the head. Last I heard the wife/girlfriend was still alive, in the hospital in critical. Despite all of the second-guessing going on by the public/mob, I doubt there is much the police could have done in the situation that would have prevented the deaths.
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