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Default Re: An agent read my script, he said he'll reply with notes. Is he interested?

Originally Posted by carcar View Post
I agree with the above. I would wait until you actually get the notes before you even ask this question. If he actually sits down and writes up the notes, that's a step in the right direction.

A lot of people won't take that step.

Give it a couple weeks, and see if anything appears in your inbox. Drop a reminder note if time goes by and nothing has happened.

Should you keep querying, or keep it off the table until you get the notes? I don't know, people, what do you think? I'd wait a couple/three weeks and see if notes really arrived. Or at least I would have used to. Now I'd assume smoke is being blown and move on, cause the waiting makes me crazy and often doesn't pay off. Interested in hearing what the peanut gallery thinks.
As to your question Carcar,

I'd be thrilled he indicated he wishes to write some notes. But, I wouldn't hold off on querying further unless he specifically said he'd have them for you within a time certain. If he's truly interested and were to somehow learn you're still flipping it out there, I figure it might hasten his efforts.

If and once you receive any notes Filmmagician, I wonder if you shouldn't exercise some caution against adopting any of his changes until you work out an agreement on them or establish some form of working relationship first. Just my initial, offhand thoughts. Good luck!

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