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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by sc111 View Post
I'm not looking to protect writers, I'm challenging Franklin's claim that this is distinctively different and better than Inktip, et al. Nothing in the blog you just quoted convinces me it is different and better.

He is promoting a service to customers: aspiring screenwriters. I'm a potential customer. And he is making a number of overt and covert promises and claims.

And he does it quite persuasively. Actually, I'd say he's an excellent writer who knows how to strike the right chord in the right tone to appeal to his market: amateur screenwriters.

However, he should expect these claims to be challenged by potential customers like me.

For example, here's the opening line of the same blog you've quoted:

Really? So this is an experiment laced with the "hope" it will change the way screenplays are discovered. In an industry that hasn't changed the way they find scripts in the last - what - 50 years? (See last post by Joe Unidos.)

Wait -- didn't Amazon Studios talk about a paradigm shift, too? Hmmm.

So let's call it for what it is -- a chance to participate in an experiment to pay $75 up front for the first month, and $25 per month thereafter, in an effort to discover if Hollywood has any inclination to change the way they find scripts. I believe Hollywood will politely decline.
There are a couple of things here that I want to respond to.

DISCLAIMER*****I'm not involved with this venture in any fashion, I have nothing invested in its success or failure.

First, it's different than any other "service" out there because it evolves its recommendations based on user feedback. I'm pretty sure Inktip doesn't have anything remotely like this, I've used it, and it just has a search function. The interactive tailoring to the user's taste is the core of what makes the BL idea different. So, yeah, in terms of ANY non-traditional method for finding material, i.e., outside the agency/referral this is worlds beyond eblasts, listings, and Pitchfests. It is specific to the buyer/reps tastes as they are tracked across a lot of projects. So, yeah, it's completely new because it weeds out 90% of the material that is caught in the net, and actively funnels likely matches to the user.

Second, Franklin knows more about how the machine of acquisition and development work than anyone who has ever tried to do this sort of thing. Personally, I trust his experience and intelligence enough to give it time to get off the ground and see how it works.

Third, the industry has widened the net on finding material over the last fifty years, and that has been driven by the internet. Fifty years ago, an unknown screenwriter in Boston, or France had no shot at selling a spec, modern communications have changed that. This is a logical evolutionary offshoot of that trend.

Fourth, don't get caught up in nitpicking language. It's meaningless. Of course they hope it will change the way business is done. I happen to think that he believes that could happen if they get enough buy in from users (buyers and reps).

Fifth, of course it's an experiment. Calling it that isn't a revelation.

Finally, I think that it may be worth a shot, at a price point of 150.00 or so to get a couple of reads that rate the material and then have it up long enough to filter out of the crowd...if it's good.

And ultimately, that's what really matters...if it's good.
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