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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by FoxHound View Post
So what you're saying is that the only chance I'll ever get for a read is if some immigrant Serbian rookie manager at Benderspink named Djokovic rummages through his boss's trash?

-- I am so screwed.
Actually, first you have to have that amazing script that everyone wants to read. Hamboogul's script has papered the entire town at this point, and the potential for it to do that was the reason that rookie manager got so excited about it.

If you've got that amazing script...

Very few managers read queries. Just about every time you get a read in the query game, there's a bit of luck involved. Most reps have a strong enough clientele that they're not actively looking. They put most of their time into selling what they already have, rather than looking for new material to sell. When they are looking, they've often got an ocean of strong referrals made by people they trust. My manager actually does read queries, but he only requests one script per week -- if that. Considering how many queries he gets...

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances. Keep your query lean, have an amazing logline. Query enough (reputable) managers, and you will probably get a hit or two. Sometimes it's a hungry junior who takes a chance on you, and sometimes it's because you happened to e-mail the manager at the exact moment they opened their inbox. Just keep at it.

I landed my manager with a query. Every success I've had has stemmed from that one e-mail. Granted, that was the second e-mail I sent him. In two weeks. Because he never responded to the first one. I switched out the subject line, changed up the query a bit, and went for round two. And then, when he read the script and showed some interest, I hounded him for a meeting. When I finally got it, he signed me on the spot.

Be aggressive, and keep at it.

Staying on topic, I think the New Blacklist will probably work in a similar fashion. Again, most reps already have a strong client list and a ton of referrals. Any time you get a read from this service, a little luck will probably be necessary. Maybe that rep or producer just happens to be procrastinating in the five minutes before a phone call or a meeting, and your logline catches their eye. Of course, here, the quality of the script is even MORE important than in the query game, since your script will be reviewed and rated. If you do have a fantastic script, and you're not getting reads elsewhere, the New Blacklist is probably worth a shot (as are the Nicholl, TrackingB, etc).
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