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That's amazing wenonah! Congratulations! What a testament to perseverance.

Did you learn anything particularly important over the years of writing and submitting that you think might be helpful?
Thank you :-) I feel like I've always known and it's been said many times all over that Nicholl favors drama heavy with a slant toward social issues or at least issues that you may have a personal story or association with. My semi-final script the year before was a great depression era zombie script in the Oklahoma dust bowl. While I feel it's a high-concept, well-written fun ride I can see now why it didn't go further. I imagined sitting in those seats at the big oscar theater and having these esteemed committee members talk about these deep, life-affirming, socially impacting, personal tales... and wenonah's zombie script ... and I would have felt a bit silly.

Horsehead Girls (the Nicholl script) is definitely a thriller. It has vengence, a murder mystery, sex trafficking and violence. (non of which I'm personally involved in) It's also female-driven, Native American, and about protecting your children. Those last three are what connects it to me and what makes me able to be passionate about the project. I also think the current climate for women minority writers is really good right now and I can say that 18 years ago it wasn't so hot.

If you look at the other winners last year they all have some sort of flavor (for lack of a better word) A family facing the opioid epidemic, An amateur mathematician in prison and a neighborhood fall out shelter. Knowing the writers and their passion for their works sort of set off a lightbulb for me. I'm not sure if I could replicate my script again or if it would have the same result in another year but it was the right time, the right subject matter and right script. Will any of these sell? Who knows - not mine, yet. I do know that if I were to submit this year I would take a lot of time finding that story so that I wouldn't feel silly sitting in that seat being introduced to give a speech about dust bowl zombies.
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