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Default Re: Sold script, movie in post-prod., can't get agent...

Try going for managers who can give you a referal to an agent, which I hear is often the tried and true way to get an agent. It also helps to have a deal set up and ready to go for the rep, (ie an unsigned contract) that way the rep can get a nice easy commission without doing any work. They love that. Do you have a bunch of spec scripts that are perfect and ready to sell in the marketplace? Or do you mainly write literature and books? Maybe you should be targeting LITERARY AGENTS (ie folks who sell and market BOOKS). Many Literary Agents can cross their author clients over into Hollywood, case in point Bret Easton Ellis, who has three screenplays in development right now, as well as a bestselling novel on shelves. Just my two cents. FYI I'm repless.


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