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Default Conference call with Producer

My writing partner and I have a conference call with a producer this week. She's very interested in our script and has already asked if we'd be ok with a "free option". I'm ok with it simply because I haven't really been out marketing the script for a while. What are some important questions I need to ask ? Obviously I want to know if she has the means to get this made and how she plans on doing so. I'm sure she can bs me to death, but that was my initial question. I also plan on asking about her experience, even though I've googled her and looked her up on IMDB. I plan on having her send me the option agreement since I don't want to start off by losing money on this deal. I will get my Entertainment Lawyer involved from that point forward. I would really appreciate it if more experience people can fill me in on other things I need to ask and do. Thank you.
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