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Default Re: You're a producer, fo realz???

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
I talked about this in many other threads, but simply you have something to lose and they don't. You care deeply about the project and they don't. You're 1 of many.

It's like how the fat kid (me) remembers any pretty girl that smiled at them in their dumb life and they would not remember that interaction. What is super important to my ego didn't even register as an event to them. Human nature.

Most basic is people hate to give bad news, so they don't say ****. It's not good, but that's most of it. Or they just said yes I'll read it and forgot entirely as they probably say yes to tons of **** and as the day goes on another email pops in the inbox and they literally forget.

Either way, I assume it's a "no" and move on with my life as it's just easier. I have friends that don't give me notes when I send them my scripts and I'm sure if I'm being honest I did that to my friends. And it wasn't on purpose. It was just like you had so much going on and you said "sure send it" and just forgot.

My long point is that's the business, that's human nature. I hate reading scripts myself especially my own.
The situation I'm in is a little different, though I've experienced this as well. This producer was genuine in his enthusiasm and naively thought it would sell based on the idea alone. In hindsight, his ignorance in developing/pitching TV is staggering. Never again with someone like this.
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