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Originally Posted by jonpiper View Post
In theory, the protag pursues the Story goal, while the Main character is who the story is about.

According to Jim, Laszlo's pursuit of the stolen letters of transit is the story goal; therefore, he is the protagonist.

Jim also says, "I should say though that I don't think it is the most important part of the story."

So it can be Rick's story. Rick is the central character in the screenplay, while Laszlo is the protagonist who pursues the Story goal.
Originally Posted by zenplato View Post
If you don't mind, would you diagram this out for us? Showing each characters' goal (internal/external) and then map it to the above statement?

Sorry, I have this thing for "POC."

proof of concept
Plato and Karma, certainly you get the simple logic that explains what I think is Jim's argument.

Anyhow, for Laszlo to be the protag, we must agree:

1. The definition of a protag is not the same as the definition of the main character of a screenplay/story.

2. The Protag pursues the Story goal.

3. The Story is really about the Main character. The main character can pursue his/her own goals which may not be the Story goal.

3. The Story goal is not always the same as the Main character's goal.

This leads to very simple conclusion. The Story goal, the Protags goal, may be nothing more than a vehicle for the Main character to express himself/herself.

So, according to Jim, Laszlo's goal is to obtain the stolen letters of transit, so he an Ilsa can get to America and pursue the cause.

Rick's goals keep changing throughout the story. The story is about Rick, but Laszlo's goal moves the story forward.

Of course I may have misunderstood Jim's reasoning. And Jim can stand up for himself.
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