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Default Producers want writers to do all?

Hi everyone! I hope your day is going well.

I wanted to ask if anyone here has had this same experience.

I have noticed a trend when querying producers/prodcos that even though they seem to really like the idea/concept of a script and they are interested in moving forward (even without reading said script) they want many things done first (by the writer) like name talent attached, a full budget written out, seed money attached, and even a full business plan written up first before they will look at the script.

Maybe it's me but I always thought the above things were supposed to be done by the production company, producer, line producer, etc. not the writer.

We writers get paid the least but are now expected to do all the work of developing too (without pay of course). What is this?

It just seems to me that folks may be getting lazy and want others to do their jobs and then they swoop in and get paid for the work they didn't do.

Anyone else seen this/experienced this?

I'm not saying all producers/prodcos do this but I have seen it and know other writers who have experienced this trend.

Thanks for looking and I look forward to all thoughts/comments.
Have a great day and keep reaching for those dreams.
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