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Default Re: Querying studios

Originally Posted by AnyOtherName View Post
I don't have a problem with managers but don't think they're usually the right first move for new writers.

I think it's great to get advice on choosing ideas, but I also don't think you should overhaul an otherwise-good script because someone tells you it would be more "marketable" that way.

Clear enough?
I don't have much of a dog in this race, only curiosity. I'm curious what you believe IS the right first move for new writers. You say "an otherwise-good script", I agree with that, kinda (in the broad sense of WHAT IS GOOD?). But, how would a new writer know what that is if they say, aren't friends with some pretty rad writers [notes]? I'm not quite getting why you'd advocate to bypass managers and agents from the drop. Or is that not your point?

Are you suggesting querying directly to studios with a first draft? By that I mean, no one's vetted it as "AMAZING!" but for you, the writer.

I will say this in your defense that managers/agents don't always know best: I pitched a show to my agent. Didn't like it, told me not to do it, think of something else. I did it anyway. I told them I had specific [read: Fancy] showrunners in mind. Agent told me 'pipe dream, bruh!'

...Later I get a call from agent that those exact showrunners loved the script and wanted to attach. Sold it to Paramount.

Agent never apologized for being wrong. Which is one thing I think this town needs FAR more of: OWNING ONE'S MISTAKES! Just say to me "Sorry, I was wrong." Not like I'm gonna forget that you told me not to write it in the first place.
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