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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by mgwriter View Post

The reason it's so difficult for aspiring writers to break through is not because there is a lack of avenues. The reason it is so difficult is because the overwhelming majority of scripts sent in are not BOTH well written and highly marketable. The few that are will get through the normal channels. The scripts that are well written but not marketable may get writers looked at as well.

Blacklist 3.0 is not going to change the fact that most scripts are not ready for prime time. If people are not responding to a writer's script or query, it's probably not because it just needs to be listed in the right place. It's probably because the concept is not very compelling and/or script not written well enough.

BL 3.0 will only help those writers who probably don't need the help in the first place. Everyone else will remain in the same boat with a few less dollars in their pockets. However, if it takes spending $75-$150 to learn a lesson about why a script isn't getting through, then I guess it's money well spent.
I think I'm with you on this mgwriter. I've been slogging away for the last couple of years, working, working, working at writing pages and understanding how screenplays are written.

I've put in the hours and now, finally, that work is starting to pay dividends, with a few read requests and a fairly reasonable placement in this year's Page awards (semi-finalist). I've a long way to go but I'm patient and have a plan.

I feel that many writers will see the New Black List as their short-cut into Hollywood and all they have to do is throw a first draft up and wait for the calls to come in, whilst throwing their hard-earned into a black hole.

Good scripts will get seen. I think that's the hard truth that many screenwriters don't want to face up to. If their script is good and they send it out into the big bad world, it will get noticed.

But many scripts are bad (I've written plenty of them myself ) and it's hard to get someone who has worked so hard to put the words onto the page to understand that their script is not up to par.

I would guess that the majority of scripts floating around out there (especially by un-repped writers) are not up to scratch. Writing a fantastic script is a bloody hard thing to do and takes a lot of time and commitment.

I have no doubt that the New Black List's heart is in the right place. But I wonder how much money will be wasted by writers who are simply not ready to have their scripts posted in such an arena.
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