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Default Re: Amazon Studios 45 days - Still evaluating?

Originally Posted by catcon View Post
My "[Not Published Yet]" problem got fixed, but that didn't inspire them to keep the submission any longer than usual; 2-3 days. They're speedy with features, much slower with pilots. But, at least they still get to things. If the system were totally abandoned, they'd do to it what they did with their forum.

But since the time and resources it takes (besides the readers' time, and a bit of server space) is minimal, they might as well keep it going since "you never know what'll pop up." After all, the thing is totally automated and basically self-maintaining.
They've had my feature now for what, today is, Day 229. 4 downloads on Private, the fourth just over a month ago. Been on Deciding for roughly 200 days. So I'm not so sure they're all that speedy with them. lol

My pilot is still with them in Deciding, it's on Day 251.
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