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Default Re: Synopsis -- Producer to Financiers

Originally Posted by finalact4 View Post
...i'm not sure that all "money" people are industry people, either...
Geez no. Films are big write-offs and money-makers, especially when, more and more, you throw in all the grant handouts that producers are experts at extracting from governments at state/provincial and federal levels. Tie it all together, and lots of financiers, who haven't a clue about movies, are attracted to the "Hollywood accounting" that we're all familiar with, in which they get their return before anybody else. Throw in the fact they or their little incorporated entity gets an on-screen credit, and it's absolutely true that there's lots of money around, in large and small amounts, in the forms of bonds and equity shares and all that crap. The era when the only way to get movies made was by Studio participation is as outdated as stop-motion animation dinosaurs.
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