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Default Re: Synopsis -- Producer to Financiers

If someone request your spec, send ONLY your spec. never send more. it just gives them reasons to pass. trust me if you send them the spec and the synopsis, if they read either after that move as it's screams this person doesn't know what they're doing, they'll probably choose the synopsis which will never read as well as your spec. Hopefully that is. You want your script to be the thing.

I write comedies mostly. it's hard enough on the page to make it funny for readers, but in prose land? It dies on the page a lot of the times w/o dialogue. You action/thriller writers are very very lucky.

A synopsis is a summary. I assume most of you know that.

Yes anyone with money can make a movie. Your dentist can be a financier. Your rich uncle. Your drug dealer.

I think I just read something about explaining the 4-5 endings to your script? What is that? Let the audience interrupt your story and it can be ambiguous, but pick an ending.

Outlines -- everyone is different. John August says he doesn't like them and Craig Mazin does.. and if you listen to the podcast that seems like it should be the exact opposite.

Outline for myself are usually just the scenes written out.

- Bob wakes up
- Bob goes to work
- Bob dies at work
- Bob realizes he's a ghost

You can do whatever you want for yourself. But if other people are reading it, you have to think about them. There are so many hard to read posts on this board and we are all writers -- all trying to help even if we bust balls sometimes. But if you can't write clear thoughts on here, that tells me your scripts will be just as messy.

So if you're sending a 2 page synopsis to a producer, write it so well that you wouldn't be upset if everyone in Hollywood read it. Write it like it is the script you wrote. Put passion in it. Don't do it like homework you hate. Do it like you are so excited to tell the story. Sell sell sell.
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