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Default Re: Synopsis -- Producer to Financiers

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
Also if your 2 page synopsis is 4 pages, I think it's okay if that's honestly what it needs. The producer will have to read it and offer any notes that may want before showing it right?

You're doing this for free. Do your best. If you hand them 4 pages and they said "I said 2" than that's not a great partner.
good point. i think it will be about 4 pages. i think he might have said 2-3.

do i title it, written by, include the logline? that's what i was planning.

i have an imac with magic mouse and keyboard and someone has something that running interference, so every few seconds my keyboard, then mouse gets disconnected. on the phone with apple for 3 hours yesterday.

prolly some little ****** hacking into someone's internet.

it was a long a$$ day.

this is a heavy, fast moving plot. reworking it now.
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