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Originally Posted by Bitter Script Reader View Post
I'm seeing disturbing echoes between this and ScriptShadow. Though that might be unfair as Carson doesn't charge for access to his reviews.
Indeed. This service seems far worse than even the most negative assessment of SS.

At least in the case of ScriptShadow when SS was reviewing specs, a writer could ask that his script not be reviewed and it wouldn't be reviewed, or if it was reviewed, he could ask for the review to be pulled and it would be pulled.

Plus, as BSR points out, Carson's revenue only came from ads (which, in my experience at least, yield minimal returns).

And at the very least, at SS, a writer could see the review of his own script.

But SpecScout, it seems:

1. Reviews scripts whether the writers like it or not.

2. Does not pull reviews at the writer's request.

3. Directly profits off the labor of scriptwriters by charging access, then doesn't give any money back to the scriptwriters whose scripts (being reviewed) give SpecScout its only broadly notable content.

4. Doesn't even allow screenwriters to see the reviews of their own scripts!

Unless I'm reading something wrong, this service seems utterly horrible.

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