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Default Re: Couple of questions on querying production companies

Originally Posted by AnconRanger View Post
i don't know anything.

but it may help to focus on your story in the query, and don't worry about a lot of other stuff. want to put enough out there to gain interest, but not give away the farm. the below may be way too much, actually. but off the top of my head and this is not good-

Dear big shot movie person,

"I see dead people."


When a psychiatrist struggles to help and heal a boy who believes he sees dead people, the boy ends up helping to heal him so he can move on...he finally realizes that he is actually, dead.

(perhaps a brief sentence or two about you, what you've published or whatever, you are actually a psychiatrist, etc...or just leave this part blank if isn't going to help pitch your story.)

I'd like to send for your consideration.


Best wishes,
your name

your contact info
Sorry, I probably should have said that when I query a manager I also include a logline and a couple of other brief sentences keeping it way to the point.

When I'm querying a prodco, I'm not looking for representation so I was just wondering how people phrase it - I'm guessing with some variation of "I think you'll like this, I'd love for you to read it."?
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