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Default Re: Log The Line... LOGLINES

Piper: Order. Order. Order on the board.

DD: You’re not the moderator. You lack the authority to call the board to order.

Piper: Then I will get on with it and speak the truth.

In summary, after a very long discussion, with ample reference to pros and “experts”, we can only agree that the purpose of a logline for a finished screenplay is to convince gatekeepers and decision makers to read your screenplay. But we can’t agree on the number of words in or the content of a logline.

We agree there is no set limit to word count, but too many words will turn off many potential logline readers. Two sentences and fifty words seems to be the limit.

We can’t agree on what information a logline should contain. The content depends upon what limited information the logline audience wants to know about your screenplay. Do they want to know the premise, the protagonist, the protag’s goal, the antagonist, the stakes? All? Some? One? None?

Who among us has the final answers?
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