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Originally Posted by TravisPickle View Post
hi guys

I am writing a script centered around a border patrol agent.

I would love to go on a ride along.

my experience with ride alongs so far hasn't been great: I tried going on one with the D.C. Police and was cockblocked every step of the way. I was very honest about my profession and my intentions: to get the details right and portray them fairly. They hated that I was part of the "Media" (thanks, Donald) and gave me the runaround for months. Nothing came of it.

apparently they had to process my application through the "Press" department as opposed to the "Civilian" department.

so my question is... do you think i might be more successful with Border Patrol if I keep things super vague and just tell them I am a curious citizen?
No, don't be vague. Be as transparent as possible. You dont want them to be suspicious of vague answers. They have a real issue with counter-intelligence gathering on the border and may see a "vague guy who wants to ask questions" as intell gathering for the TCO's. Just call the local sector and see if they do ride-alongs.
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