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Default Re: Going in to the studios... wish me luck

Commiserations Clyde.

I had an A list comedy star repped by a big 5 reading my script last week. The agent called me and asked me if I needed more time, and she said I'd get an answer in 2 days. Prevailing opinion was that I must have got positive coverage on the script. The star's attachment would have greenlit the finance and got me studio distribution. He passed.

So close and yet so far. I think it's only natural to feel depressed for an hour or so when you've almost touched that brass ring. Especially if a spec doesn't sell. I can at least go on to the next star but if a spec has been passed on all over town then that sucks. I've been there too. Although I went out myself and not through an agent. BTW my script was also a comedy with CGI elements.

You must be doing something right to have a rep going wide with your script. I would bust your rep's balls to get him to get you into meetings though. You never know what can come from a positive face-to-face meeting. This is a people business, get in there and meet your fans!

Keep on truckin' dude!

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