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Default Re: Your Favorite Video Game, Story-Wise (and why)

Originally Posted by omjs View Post
I love the way the Dragon Age games have complex stories but still allow the player to make strong choices that influence the outcome. That's a tough thing to pull off.
It's REALLY tough. One of the hardest decisions you have to make when producing a game with multiple endings or story content that branches based on player choice is how to allocate budget for assets that many/most players will never see. Which is why at the end player choices are often "funneled" back to one or two manageable (and economical) endings (see "Mass Effect 3" and "BioShock"), or the end material is presented in a very low-budget manner (like the slides-and-voiceover end movie in "Marvel Ultimate Alliance").

I go hot and cold on Peter Molyneux, but he makes a great point here. Players are players, after all, so when you present them with multiple endings, they'll quickly groupthink some ranking so that one ending becomes the "good one," and if you get it, you've somehow "won" the game. (This behavior is different from us poor, sad, completists, who will replay until we see every ending.)

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