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Originally Posted by rtolz View Post
We are now several months later. Let me fill you all in.

Back in the fall, the producer sent me an option agreement that I shared with an entertainment lawyer who has a lot of experience. She thought it was the most awful thing she had ever seen and, at great expense to me, prepared a more standard form of option agreement that we sent back to the producer.

The producer sidestepped making any comment on my lawyer's version, but nevertheless decided to see if they could interest a director, even without signing an agreement with me.

A couple of weeks ago, they reported back that the first director they consulted (I know the name and liked the work I've seen from him) loved it and wanted to sign on.

Great, I said. So I sent them my lawyer's option agreement again, and in turn they sent me back their own agreement, virtually unchanged.

The past couple of weeks, I've been going back and forth with the producer on why there are so many things in their agreement that are unacceptable. I've been doing this myself (I'm a lawyer who writes and negotiates contracts ever single day).

As of a few minutes ago, I finally emailed that it appears that we are unable to come to an agreement. I thanked them for their interest in the possibility of working together, and I wished them good luck with their other projects. I do not expect this to be resurrected.
Smart move, shady producers/companies like that piss me off.
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