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Default Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk

1. Talk to them
2. Don't commit to anything, say "I'll think about it and get back to you soon"
3. If they show interest, will help getting repped

I had a script get optioned by big time producer of hollywood comedy and his name helped me get in the door, but i never got paid the 1000 dollars for the year option. Maybe it was 2000. Didn't matter, never got it.

I was still able to send script to reps, but the plan was to "make the movie" but one rep refused to go out with the script until the year was up even though no -paperwork was signed, just email... other reps were like "f him" we will take it out.

Anyway... just go with steps 1 and 2 first... feel no pressure to do anything. However it is an older script, so I would not be so precious with it as I would a new spec trying to get back into the game.
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