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Default Re: You're a producer, fo realz???

Originally Posted by NotTheBard View Post
Completely understand this. But you know what's even worse? What flat out and quite simply utterly disgusting?

When the prod says "Not for me, but if you got anything else you want to send in, do so/send in what you write next." And then you write some other stuff, contact the people who said that, asking if you can send it to them, and then they just say no or ghost you, after the fact.
Yup... lotta crapy stuff happening in the industry.

But, I can maybe top that (not to out do you, just as an example of how crap people can be): I've known 2 producers for 10 years. Hung out as friends, went to their birthday parties etc, introduced to people like "He's fam!" One of them I messaged during the Oscars and said "Good luck, man! Hope you take home gold!" he gets right back to me "Thanks, man! Fingers crossed." But when I ask these 2 guys to read my script? I say, I can send direct or have my rep send........ GHOSTED!

I don't GET this town
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