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Default Re: Producer liked my script, need advice.

My advice would also be to pitch them verbally, and if you're on the opposite coast suggest setting up a time to do a quick call. It's much more organic, and there is real danger in putting down anything on paper as people automatically, in my experience, start to much more stringently critique anything you've written down, as if you carved it on stone tablets instead of typed it in a word processor. It's ridiculous, honestly.

That said, writing up a couple pages for yourself on where the show goes in terms of potential throughlines and future episodes is never a bad idea. My brother and I even have our own expansive internal wikis on our TV projects (have never shared this of course, except with a buyer in the case of a show we recently optioned). This kind of doc at the ready will help prime you for the call and keep you on course during it.

But yes, try to get into a dialogue with them, not present a definitive document, which even the loosest written down presentation will inherently become in their eyes. If you then follow up the call by putting on paper the things they really responded to during the call, you will be okay and on your way.
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