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Default Re: Results - Valentine's Day '19 contest

My votes went like:

1st - Fallin'
2nd - Martin Is Nice
3rd - The Waiting Game

And my comments, for what they're worth:

Martin Is Nice

I smiled at the opening lines which delivered voice, and I liked the portrait of Eliza's life, and I liked the easy dialogue. Towards the end however I didn't quite get the uncomfortable number of youths thing, like what did Eliza do to gather these people (in their 20s... but children?), and that gave me a last moment wobble. Just missed my 1st place vote.

Midnight Caller

Mine! As I posted the entries, I re-read this for typos, and realized at that fateful point that as I edited the script from 11+ pages down to 8 pages, I'd pruned the low-key romance spark between Izzy and Willy that qualified the story as suitable for Valentine's Day. I wonder if anyone noticed? Why did it get so many votes? Which were unexpected. Maybe y'all just liked the idea of a family of vampire hunters and their unwitting visitors?

First Time

Nicely written all the way, good character interplay and dialogue, but Jeebus what a downer ending, even though I saw it coming from the beginning. Sorry for not voting for it!


This held my attention, I think I would have enjoyed watching the film or however it ended up, gets a vote.

The Waiting Game

A readable slice of life, glad it all ended well, good closing line, gets a vote.
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